17 Best Websites To Legally Watch Free Movies Online

You might want to stop using Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus. If you use these services too much they can match your cable bill. But you do not need to give up on movies and TV shows. There are many places where you can get them for free legally online and here are some of the best options:


Many people don’t know that their library card can get them more than just books. They can also watch free movies online. One of these services is Hoopla, which has many free movies and TV shows on the internet and on mobile devices.

Hoopla gives you movies, TV shows, eBooks, music, and audiobooks. You can borrow them for free. But they are like library books. You must finish them before you can take out another one.


IMDb is a good website for people who like movies. You can find out when the movie is playing, buy tickets, see trailers of new movies, read reviews by critics and regular people, get recommendations on what to watch next, or even watch free movies online. There are many different types of movies but there are also some that you might

Movies Found Online

This website has movies and videos that you can watch online for free. It is like YouTube, but with fewer ads. The movies and videos come from other websites and the site embeds them into one place. The website has a limited library. You will find something that is not common that you want to watch on movies found online.


Popcornflix is a straightforward video streaming service to watch free movies online. It hosts tons of films, TV shows, and documentaries. The service has been around for nearly a decade now, but the library seems to have made a recent move towards B-movies. It features a well-organized directory to quickly peruse the various genres you are interested in, including new arrivals, foreign films, and even Popcornflix originals.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a little bit of an oddball in this list. Not only can you stream thousands of hours of free movies online, but you are also free to download nearly everything on the website too. That’s because all of the content on the Internet Archive is either uploaded by users or falls within the public domain. Most feature films are more than 70 years old, but it’s the place for a classic detective, sci-fi, horror, and silent films.


If you have a library card, Kanopy is easy to use. You won’t be able to find it at every library, but the free movies on Kanopy are worth looking into. You might also be able to use Kanopy through your school or university.

Kanopy is an app that you can use to watch movies. You can watch them online or on your phone. There are more movies than anyone could ever hope to watch, and the quality of the films is excellent.


Plex is a tool that people can use without any cost to access their own media. This is not all it does though. It also has its own online library, which you can use with your free time to watch movies for free.

Many people use Plex every day. Plex is free to download and free to use, but you can pay for extras if you want them. It comes with a good interface and doesn’t have ads like many other products. You might get better quality films or more security on your private information. A new movie selection is now available for free on Plex. It will be easy to find it either in the app or in a browser. It may be worth looking at even if you never heard of Plex before.

Pluto TV

Most streaming services do not have the same features as cable. That’s where Pluto TV comes in. It has free movies, TV shows, and cartoons that you can watch online or through the Pluto TV app. They are different from other streaming services because they look like television channels on a cable box.

Pluto TV has a section where you can watch content on-demand. But it also features 250+ channels that you can watch at scheduled times. There are some downsides, but if you want to replace your current cable service with Pluto TV, they have something for you.


The Crackle streaming service is like it always has been. It is one of the staples for budget-minded movie lovers who want free online content. Some other services on this list are ad-supported, but Crackle’s library is more robust than others. You can watch your movies on your TV, computer, or smartphone with Crackle

Top Documentary Films

Do you want to watch a documentary? You can find one on human health, the environment of outer space. There are some good ones that are online and they are free.

Some movies are very short, while others are as long as any classic movie. If you have a few minutes or a few hours, you will be able to find something on Top Documentary Films.


Tubi TV started in 2014. Since then, it has grown to be one of the highest quality free movie streaming services that you can find online. What is great about Tubi is that they offer some of the best movies on this list.

Tubi is a free website with many different types of movies. It has movies for LGBTQ people, home and garden, reality TV, and musicals. There are also many collections on Tubi that will help you find the type of movie you want to watch.


Do you like the show Dragon Ball Z? If so, you should try seeing what VRV is all about. Yes, it offers more than just anime. But that is where it has a lot of content. You can find other shows there too, like Crunchyroll and Hide.

Unfortunately, not all of the content on VRV is free. If you want to get access to the entire VRV library, you will need to fork out $9.99 a month, or you can purchase access to individual channels. If you mainly want to watch anime from Crunchyroll while also occasionally trying out content on other media, then the free version is excellent.


Yidio does not have its own content. Instead, it gathers movies and TV shows from other websites. These are put in one easy-to-navigate UI. Yidio’s library looks big because of this.

You can watch free movies from a website. You can also find content on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. If you have one of these services, you should try out Yidio.


YouTube has a lot of videos. There are creators, vloggers, and even movies from YouTube Originals. But there are also movies that you can watch for free on YouTube. In this library, there is a lot of movies to choose from.

Though the free library isn’t the largest on this list, you’ll find horror films, comedies, action flicks, dramas, and even children’s movies. So, the next time you check out the Android Authority YouTube channel, be sure to scout out YouTube’s free movie library.

The Roku Channel

What is The Roku Channel? The Roku Channel is a free service that you can use to watch movies and TV shows. You can watch it on your TV or on your computer. You do not need to pay anything.


Peacock is a service that you can watch for free. For free, you can watch TV shows and movies like This Is Us, Law, and Order: SVU, and more. There are ads, but they’re not bad.


Previously called Viewster, CONtv is a place to watch movies and TV shows. It’s free and has many different genres like horror, sci-fi, anime, martial arts, classical cinema. You might see ads while you watch but that’s okay.