3dlut Mobile Mod Apk Download (pro, Premium Unlocked)

3DLUT Mobile Mod Apk 1.42 Premium Unlocked Latest Version 2021 Free Download. Choose the look of your photos and videos with 3Dlut.

As the number of social media platforms increases, individuals shoot more videos and take pictures to stay up on societal platforms. The photographs and video clips shot with the camera require editing before posting in order to produce an eye-catchy face. For this reason, I have bought you today this amazing 3D Lut Mod Apk.

What is the meaning of that application with an unusual name, 3Tricks by Lut? Any thoughts you might have come to mind where it could have three letters in it since it has to do with the making of various three-dimensional things?

3dlut Mobile Mod Apk

This isn’t the case with this app. This app is just a mobile extension or client of the well-known PC 3D LUT photo and video editing software. Here, you can professionally edit photos and videos in no time. With this mobile application, you can make minor to major adjustments to your photos and videos. You can set the saturation and hue of the image, adjust brightness, and adjust the contrast.

Among the simple options of the 3d Lut Mod Apk were factors like those things mentioned above. For more in-depth editing, you can do color corrections that are simple and more advanced in this application. This 3d Lut Mod Apk is a mobile client of the pc program 3d Lut, so it has weak functionality. But its limited functionality is enough for your requirements. You may edit photographs on the move using the editor provided by this app.

Now in the PC version, you can create your own presets known as Luts. You can then upload them to the Lut server, and you can then use your own custom Luts created by yourself in the presets option or Luts made by other users in the presets option.

3dlut Mobile Mod Apk Screenshots


3dlut Mobile Mod Apk Features

The features of the Galaxy LUTE Mod Apk have been examined below.

In this application, you can import any picture or film that you want to modify from your gallery. After that can start to edit it and make it look amazing using this application.

Capture With The Camera

The application has a webcam that you can use to take pictures and edit them later directly from the app. You can use the direct-capture function right through the viewfinder to take photographs and then edit them right away.

Basic Editing

A basic picture and movie enhancing program has been developed for you within this application for you to do minor color corrections. You can easily alter the brightness, saturation, hue, and more with this editor without the help of any computer.


For the advanced editing, you require presets that you can have from the presets option. You can directly apply them to your photos or videos. The presets will hopefully be well chosen by other users of this application.

Advanced Color Correction

Due to the fact that the built-in color correction on this smartphone application cannot be advanced, it’s possible to use Luts or presets in the PC version of the software. Then you will be able to upload these Luts to the cloud server of the software. After that, you can access them on your Android smartphone app.


If you use the 3d Lut software on the computer, you have to download the 3d Lut Mod Apk app. If you don’t know how to use the software, you can also download this application, as it has some great editing functions and a variety of pre-built presets to assist you.