Pubg Kr Apk + Obb – 2022 (pubg Mobile Kr Version 1.8)

PUBG Mobile version Kr has been updated to a 1.8 update. This Korean version of PUBG Mobile is among the most popular versions available in India however it’s only made specifically for Korea and Japan players from other countries. The updates to this version aren’t necessarily for the worldwide version However if you’re seeking to install the 1.8 updates outside of the game it is possible to do so by using APK hyperlinks.

Pubg Mobile Kr Version 1.8

The features that are part of Pubg Mobile Kr Version 1.8 update are exactly the same as the version that is available worldwide that is PUBG Mobile. It does, however, have additional events and rewards that provide players when compared with PUBG Mobile. In addition, you can upgrade the game several times. This Korean game version PUBG Mobile is the most popular in India today. After the ban on PUBG Mobile from India streamers and players are making their game to Pubg Mobile Kr Version 1.8.

How To install Pubg KR Version

Here are the steps you need to follow to get the PUBG Mobile Kr version in India through an APK link. Step 1. Get the pubg mobile Kr Version 1.8 Apk + Obb by clicking the button below.


Step 2. Once downloaded find the file, then install it. Prior to installing, activate the ‘Install from unknown source’ feature if you haven’t previously installed it. If it’s not enabled If it is not enabled, you must go to Settings > Security and Security > Enable Installation From unknown sources.

Step 3. Once the game has been downloaded, launch the game and then install the resources packs then the game can be played without difficulty and will come with the latest features of the 1.8 update. If you experience an error when installing an APK file, it is recommended to try downloading it again, and follow the steps outlined in the previous paragraphs.

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Note: PUBG Mobile is banned in India. This is for players who are playing the Pubg Korean version of the game. It is important to note that players aren’t able to transfer their version IDs from the global version into the Korean version of the game. PUBG Mobile

Information of Pubg Kr Version 1.8 Apk

Publish Date 2021-09-30
Latest Version V 1.8
Requirements Android 5.0+
Installs 10,000,000+

What’s New in 1.8 PUBG KR

  • Shaking lobby
  • Change of Ui ( Settings, Events, Maps & Mission)
  • New Modes ( Aftermath, Spider-Man & Jujutsu kaisen)
  • New Collect Animation Added
  • New Cycle Rewards As Cycle 2 Season 4
  • New 8vs8 Tdm Map ( Santorini)
  • Matro Royal Mode Back Again
  • New Companion ( Cathy)

1.8 Pubg Mobile Kr New Features

In the next update, Pubg Mobile will introduce a brand new lobby that shakes like a Gyro. When you get your phone, the similar to shaking your lobby.

After a long period of time, the pubg mobile changed the UI in this one. you will see a lot of changes, including changing the settings UI completely, Maps Selection UI fully changes, as well as the mission, event, royal UI update. All changes are visible in the following images.

Pubg Mobile introduces three new modes in version 1.8 The update includes all mode names and descriptions in the following.

This mode is introduced in the Livik map following 10 years of bombarding the Livik map being completely destroyed. It also includes an entirely new volcano that was added to the Livik map. Pubg Mobile and Bgmi Collab with Spider-Man No Way Home movie, and for the promotion, added a brand new model in the map Erangel where you can watch the fight between Spider-Man and the villains.

After the battle is over, you will receive loads of loot and plenty of brand-new material you can use in the game. Pubg Mobile and Bgmi also Collab with Jujutsu Kaisen comic and to promote the comic, pubg mobile has added all four characters to games such as Arcane collaboration. A new collection animation has been added following the update. is visual proof that the animation is just too cool.