Carrom King Apk Download (mod, Hack Unlimited Money)

Carrom King Apk is a great way to kill time and have fun in just a few minutes if that’s all you want or need.

Carrom King MOD APK is regarded to be the greatest board game on Google Play and is enjoyed by many carrom fans. This game will permit you to play with your friends, family, and kids. Scatter the chips into packets and score points using the bank shot. One of the all-time favorite games developed by Ludo King.

Carrom King Apk

The developer had already made a name for himself in the Droid video game scene when he released the Ludo game. The Ludo game is very popular during quarantine. The logical consequence of the win was he created this amazing game for carrom fans following the victory. A great experience for carrom players awaits them.

Carrom King MOD APK is an Android card game based on the rules of a carrom game. No more need for powder, cheating, or tricks in the game. The apparently actual rules of the game will start loading as you play the game. Invite your friends to play carrom two versus 2 or four on four. Up to four players can participate in the game at the same time.

You might even play against each other at any moment. If your apparatus does not have an internet link, you can play offline mode. Different types of play options are available in offline mode. One is playing with a computer, while another one is playing with your friend on your device. At this moment, these two play modes are featured in the game.

Carrom King Apk Screenshots


Play with your friends

King MOD APK enables players to enjoy the game with their friends. There are two available ways to play the game with your friends. First, the player must invite the player’s friends to play. Second, they need to log in with their Facebook or Google accounts. One player creates the room by choosing the best choice. The option is available for up to one crore. Let well-known people with a cup one crore. Otherwise, the athlete can play with the amount.
In Carrom King MOD APK, after creating a new room, you may see the room code from the screen. You never need to pay a fee to create a room. Share the room code with friends. Up to four players can take turns playing the Carrom King game. Your friend copies the room code or room note code.

Then enter into the game to select the room option to choose the JOIN ROOM button. It will ask for the code of your friend. Apply the code to join the room. A far more accessible way to invite up to four friends to the game. Classic matches and friendly matches have the same rules. The game will not change the rules in any of the four modes.

Each player’s opportunity has been completed, the opportunity has moved to another player. If one player makes a delay to pocket a coin, Carrom King MOD APK provides one feature. This feature will help to solve player mistakes. If the player delays attacking the coin, the opportunity has passed to the next player.

The contestant will be awarded total rewards, while players who leave the game in a tie will grow. It is possible to make a shot of the folly into the game and receive icons for its Awakening. The icon will help you to complete your achievements. Every spectator can employ the coin of aggression. The coin can only act once, so wait for the next opportunity.

Battle mode

A global fight is entered as a battle. These players have gotten used to winning big and try to do it again. You just worry about winning while playing while in battle mode. Try to give your best possible performance every time, and all players are equivalent. Take advantage of your objectives by completing the level.

At each level, you earn a certain amount of rewards. Before you start any match, collect the betting amount from both the opponents. After the match begins, you are never absent from the game. Play until the end of the match. If you select or leave the currently playing match, your prizes go to the opponent. The opponent will gain an advantage in the match.
MOD APK allows the player to engage in Carrom King with 3 other players, including you. The wide selection of levels and game modes offered for each player has provided many opportunities and superior rewards. When the session is associated with monotony, the gamer has the option to go somewhere else.
Make sure to design lots of spectacular features for the matches. Discuss your feelings while playing the game by using the system’s chat mode. Communicate with your teammates by employing the chat interface. Send reaction emojis and create one another a deal by providing the game system a surprise token.


Overall, we discussed in detail various information about the carrom King MOD APK game. This is a very impressive board game. Have fun playing the game to make it through all the levels. Play with international teams to receive multiple rewards.

Spend the reward money to buy new features for your pinball machine and different carrom board designs. From the start of the game, your money will go towards buying new content. Check out our MOD version to get more profit and unlock the “infinite money” mode. Install our MOD version by following the link below.