Xiaomi Mi Band 6 V Mi Band 5: The Key Differences

Each new generation of Xiaomi fitness bracelets, as a rule, largely repeats the best characteristics of its predecessors, and also receives new improvements in the direction of user friendliness and empowerment. After Xiaomi replaced Mi Band 5 with the release of the next generation of fitness trackers – Xiaomi Mi Band 6, many people inevitably have a question about how much the new product differs from its younger brother Mi Band 5.

Next, let’s compare these devices and highlight the main parameters, where the most obvious changes are visible.

Appearance and equipment

It should be noted right away that outwardly, with the display turned off, not everyone will be able to quickly distinguish between Mi Band 6 and Mi Band 5. The dimensions of the case have changed slightly, literally by a fraction of a millimeter the novelty has become wider and longer, which is almost invisible to the naked eye.

Appearance and equipment

The kit, as before, includes a magnetic charger, suitable for both devices, but as for the interchangeability of straps, there are some nuances. The fact is that in the new model the case has small recesses in the lower part, which include the protrusions of the inner parts of the new generation bracelets. This was done in order to eliminate the backlash of the case, which was characteristic of the Mi Band 5, and thereby ensure a more secure fixation of the device in the strap.

At the same time, there will be no compatibility problems with silicone straps, due to the flexibility of the material, but with leather or metal straps from the previous version, difficulties may arise. But, due to the fact that the choice of straps for the new model is wide enough, it will not be difficult to choose a suitable option to your taste.


Perhaps the main difference between the new model is the size and quality of the display. It has become much larger, largely due to the reduction of the bezel around the screen, because this did not affect the size of the case.

Mi Band 5 and 6 screen

Of the clear advantages in the characteristics of the screen of the Mi Band 6 over the Mi Band 5, one can single out:

  • The size – 1.56 inches versus 1.1 inches;
  • Resolution and pixel density – 486 x 152 (326 ppi) versus 294 x 126 (291 ppi), which gives greater sharpness and color depth;
  • The form – oval versus rectangular visually makes the screen larger and allows you to increase the useful area for displaying additional information;
  • Square – to increase the screen area, the developers abandoned the “Home” button, which was previously located on the Mi Band 5 at the bottom of the display. Thus, all control is now based only on gestures with fingers on the surface of the screen.

Interface and main functions

In Mi Band 6, the control functions and visual presentation of information have been significantly improved, compared to the Mi Band 5:

  • The numbers and text on the main screen, as well as the text of notifications, have become larger and clearer, icons and indicators have become simpler and clearer;
  • More information is displayed on the screen. For example, when calling the weather data, the forecast is shown not for one, but for several days;
  • On the enlarged screen, not one icon can be displayed at the same time, as it was before, but two;

Icons on the screen of Mi Band 5 and 6

  • Smooth scrolling appeared. Unlike the previous model, where you could move one step up or down with one movement of your finger across the screen, in the new Mi Band 6 you can quickly scroll through the entire list of items with one movement;
  • Added smooth animation when switching menu items to the right and left;
  • Improved player interface. Track switching buttons are now much larger and are located on different sides of the display, which makes it much more convenient and accurate to control tracks when listening to music, without missing the desired button;

Band 6 Music Player Interface

  • Russian interface language in the Chinese version, which is activated through the application on the smartphone. This allows you to immediately get a full-fledged device without waiting for the global version to enter the market;
  • The interface of the Mi Fit application for a smartphone has been improved and the number of screen savers for the bracelet display has been expanded to 130.

Health tracking

Both bracelets have a set of basic features such as:

  • Heart rate tracking 24/7;
  • Sleep quality tracking;
  • Breathing exercises;
  • Tracking your stress level;
  • Tracking your menstrual cycle.

The older model received a significant addition in the form of more sensitive sensors for measuring the pulse, a built-in pulse oximeter.

Sensors on the body of the 5th and 6th generation trackers

The improved sensors are even now positioned slightly differently than in the fifth generation model, which was done to more accurately determine the new indicators added to the Mi Band 6:

  • Blood oxygen saturation SpO2 is an important indicator of lung health, which has become relevant since 2020 in the midst of a pandemic;
  • Sleep Breathing Control – This function can be useful for people with sleep apnea (sleep apnea syndrome).

Mi Band 6 bracelet at work

Sports Modes

The training opportunities in the sixth version of the bracelet are significantly expanded:

  • The number of training types has been increased to 30 against the previously established 11 types. In addition to the standard popular activities such as running, cycling and swimming, in the sixth generation bracelet you can find such original sports as table tennis, bowling, playing cricket, riding a skateboard;
  • The ability to customize settings for each type of training activity has been expanded, such as notifications for pace, pause, heart rate range, and others. The number of options is significantly higher in the Mi Band 6 compared to the Mi Band 5;
  • The number of modes for automatic detection and tracking has been increased. In Mi Band 5, only two modes were available – walking and running, and several more types were added to Mi Band 6 – an orbit track, a bicycle, a rowing machine.
  • Now you can configure the function of automatic detection of the activity by the bracelet. So, Mi Band 5 allowed you to track activity either in manual mode or in automatic mode, and in Mi Band 6 you can select only the necessary types of training for automatic recognition, for example, running or cycling, while other types will not be detected.

Lock setting

The new version adds a function to lock the device when removed from the wrist, which will be useful, for example, in case of loss of the bracelet. When the function is enabled, when removing the bracelet, you will need to enter the password for access.

Setting the alarm

In Mi Band 6, unlike its predecessor, the function of setting, turning the alarm on and off directly through the bracelet menu is implemented, which is much more convenient. In this case, you can set not only the alarm time, but also the days of the week, that is, autonomously manage this functionality, without the participation of a smartphone.

Setting an alarm on the Mi Band 6 tracker

Battery and autonomy

In the new Mi Band 6, the battery capacity is similar to the Mi Band 5 and is 125 mAh, and the full charge time is about 2 hours.

With moderate use of the Mi Band 6, the battery life will be, as for the Mi Band 5, about 14 days, that is, under equal conditions, there are no special differences in the autonomy of the new model. But, given the more resource-intensive screen, with full use of the functionality, the operating time of the Mi Band 6 will be 15% less than the Mi Band 5.

Autonomy of the bracelet Mi Band 6

It is also impossible not to pay attention to the changed animation of the indicator of the charging process of the fitness bracelet. Now the display shows the time and the percentage of the charge level in such an original way, which allows you to use the bracelet as a desktop electronic clock.


Summing up, we can safely say that the sixth generation of Mi Band is more modern. The gadget stands out against the background of its predecessor with a large high-quality display, a convenient and smooth interface, additional useful functionality for measuring oxygen in the blood, which is good news. All this indicates that Xiaomi is steadily moving towards increasing functionality while maintaining convenience.

For those who purchase a fitness bracelet for the first time or who have a version older than the fifth, it is definitely worth paying attention to Mi Band 6 as a more advanced version of Mi Band 5, which has already proven itself on the good side.