How To Uninstall System / Built-in Apps On Xiaomi Or Redmi (miui)

By default, Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones, which run Android and MIUI shell, have many Google and Mi applications built in. Often, users decide to remove unnecessary system programs, because some of them are automatically loaded when the smartphone is turned on, they take up permanent and RAM memory, or even use the Internet connection. You can get the desired result only with the use of additional software. There is nothing super complicated in this, if you follow all the steps of our instructions correctly.

Should you uninstall system apps?

This is a very sensible step in terms of cleaning up the device’s memory. Only you need to approach the issue with intelligence and caution. Indeed, if an important system application for the Android operating system is removed, the operation of the mobile device may be disrupted. As a result, some functions may not work correctly, and various kinds of errors will appear.

If you remove built-in apps that are not responsible for the vital functions of your smartphone, you will gain several benefits:

  • The built-in and RAM will be freed, which will affect the speed of the gadget;
  • It will be possible to use more functional and convenient third-party applications instead of standard ones;
  • Since some of the preinstalled programs run in the background, your Xiaomi’s battery consumption is significantly saved.

The procedure for disabling or even completely removing it does not require Root rights. There are two ways to solve the problem – through the Xiaomi settings and using the functionality of a special application for a computer. Let’s take a look at each of them below.

Method 1 – Disable via MIUI settings

If by default this option is available on your Xiaomi or Redmi device, then just go to “Settings”, select “Apps and notifications”, then “Show all applications”. In the window that appears, find the one you need. As an example, we will disable the built-in Google Play Music service. Just click “Disable Application”.

On some Xiaomi, the shutdown button is missing. In this case, try running “Settings” and in the “Search settings” field enter “Change system settings”. Select the section with the same name, and then “All applications”, then disable unnecessary in the list.

Also for this task you can use the special application “Redmi System manager (No Root)”.

This way, you can disable many system applications, but not all. But the next method allows you to completely remove (if necessary, restore later) any built-in Google and Mi application.

Method 2 – Removal via Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools

To successfully complete all the necessary steps, you will need a personal computer or laptop, a driver for your Xiaomi smartphone, an original USB cable and a special program. You can download this link.

If the program displays an error code 0xc000007b when launched on a computer, install or update DirectX and Net Framework. Also, in some cases, updating the video card driver helps.

On your smartphone, enable the USB Debugging option. If you have never used this system tool before, then to enable it, you must first activate the “Developer Mode”. Go to “Settings”, then open the section “About phone”, several times in a row click on the item “MIUI version” or “Build number”. The system will inform you that “You have become a developer.”

Now in “Settings” find a new menu item “For Developers”. As a rule, it is located in the “System” or “Advanced settings” section.

Scroll down to the Debugging section. Here enable debug mode when connecting your Xiaomi or Redmi to PC via USB.

Connect your device to your computer and open the notification shade. Instead of “Charging via USB” (or on some models “No data transfer”), select the “File transfer” operating mode.

Now let’s move on to the actions on the PC. Launch ADB Fastboot Tools. Click “Debloater”. After a few seconds, the “Status” window will display information about your mobile device. After that, a window will automatically appear on the phone with a proposal to allow USB debugging. Check the box “Always allow this computer” and click “OK”.

Removing pre-installed apps on any Xiaomi and Redmi

Then press the Debloater button again. A list of system Mi and Google programs that can potentially be present in the memory of a Xiaomi smartphone will appear. For example, we will select several for deletion at once – Compass, Downloads, Google Maps, Scanner, Yellow Pages.

Removing pre-installed apps on any Xiaomi and Redmi

Then click the “Uninstall” button. In the “Status” window you can watch the deletion process.

Removing pre-installed apps on any Xiaomi and Redmi

When finished, click “Reboot into System”.

Removing pre-installed apps on any Xiaomi and Redmi

Now you can disconnect your smartphone from your computer.

What apps can be uninstalled on Xiaomi without consequences?

Below you will find built-in applications, the removal of which will not affect the stable operation of a Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone. Each is accompanied by a short description to understand what you are dealing with. If you do not use this or that program, then you can safely erase.

  • Analytics – monitors information about the use of the device. He is also responsible for advertising in standard applications. So you can take it down first.
  • Browser – a standard browser that few people use, and most likely you are.
  • BugReport и Whetstone – allows you to send reports when errors occur in the operation of the device. By the way, this utility affects performance.
  • Calculator и Calendar – everything is clear here. In the case of using third-party utilities with better functionality and capabilities, we get rid of these.
  • CellBroadcastReceiver – the function of alerting the population. Informs about emergencies in the regions of Asia. Accordingly, there is no benefit from this application in our country.
  • DuoDuo – video chat from Google.
  • E-mail – standard utility for e-mail. Typically, most Android users have a Gmail account. Therefore, removing this software is quite advisable.
  • Facebook App Installer, Facebook App Manager, Facebook Services – all these tools can be removed. The social network application itself will work correctly.
  • Games (Mi App Store) – games. This is a software store from Xiaomi, an analogue of Google Play. It makes no sense to keep two identical applications, especially since there is a huge selection in the market of the American giant.
  • Google Play Music.
  • Google Play Movies.
  • Google maps – this software is not suitable for all users. If you are one of them and prefer some kind of analogue, then feel free to get rid of it.
  • GoogleFeedBack – a tool for reviews of all built-in applications from Google. Affects the speed of the gadget.
  • Joyose Is an entertainment service for the Chinese audience.
  • Mi Link Service – provides file exchange between Xiaomi smartphones with different MIUI versions.
  • Video me – standard video player.
  • MSA – another of the analytics tools. Affects the performance of the smartphone, as it hangs in the background and uses your Internet traffic. Also related to advertising.
  • PrintSpooler, CloudPrint и FingerprintService – are responsible for printing files from a smartphone. Minimally affect the speed of the device.
  • StepsProvider – This is an addition to the standard pedometer. Affects the speed of the smartphone.
  • PCS – provides access to additional functions of your cellular operator.
  • Services & Feedback – if you are not going to contact the developers, you can delete.
  • Updater – monitors the release of updates to the proprietary MIUI shell and sometimes notifies about it with annoying reminders. If this option is not needed, and you are used to manually checking the availability of fresh MIUI versions, then you can safely erase.
  • Weather – the weather. Compared to other free weather apps, it lags behind in terms of customization and features. Therefore, you can uninstall and find a better alternative in the Google Play app store.