What Is Mi Community App And How Does It Work?

Xiaomi is actively promoting its technology, in particular smartphones of the Mi series. The word Mi is not only an abbreviation for the name of the company, but also the full name of the brand. So, to unite fans of these very gadgets, the Mi Community program was invented.

What is it and what is it for

If you translate the name of the program, you get “Mi team”. This is a community of all fans of Xiaomi technology in the form of a forum. Here you can communicate, create your own topics, ask questions and learn a lot about the operation of devices.

The Mi Community program as a client completely copies the corporate website, making it more convenient to browse through a smartphone.

Mi Community logo

First launch and registration in the service

When you first start, you will not be asked to register or something else, you can immediately go to the tab “Popular” or “For you” and watch current content. But this is not all the functionality and not all the interesting material that exists on the forum.

By going to the tab “I AM” at the top you can authorize, for this we click on the guest account and connect the Mi account, register it or log in through Facebook.

Registration is very simple, you need a phone number and password to implement it. When you click on “Create a new account for free” a window appears in which you need to select the country code and enter the phone number itself, after which the password. The number will receive a four-digit code, which will need to be entered in the appropriate field. That’s all.

After successful registration along the same path as during authorization, it is possible to change some data about you. After opening the profile, through the pencil at the top right, the basic information changes: nickname, name, gender, date of birth, interests, and so on. Immediately or by clicking on the avatar, the main profile photo changes. After some manipulations, we get a full-fledged Mi account and proceed to a walk through the Mi community.

Main screen

On the main screen of the application, there are hot news presented in the form of bright banners with pictures and intriguing texts. Below there is a global chat in which all fans of Mi smartphones in Russia and the CIS countries sit.

In the tab “Photo” published pictures, one way or another related to smartphones.

No less interesting is the section “Resources”… They contain articles, polls and other resources from amateurs. This is a whole archive of files: ringtones, wallpapers, applications and other things for smartphones with MIUI.

“Speaker” Is a prototype of a news feed. The “column” contains articles and news from the world of Xiaomi.


The main desktop in the Mi community is subtopics. Since this application is actually a forum, there are many topics in it. By going to the tab “Underground” we will see a range of Mi devices. A database of reviews, a list of reviews and discussions was created for each of them. This is very handy when choosing a new device from Xiaomi.

But the subtopics also have news from the MIUI firmware world. Opening the section, we see sections with tips and tricks, where hundreds of articles with interesting information are stored. There are also themes and instructions for MIUI firmware. For example, detailed information on how the super wallpaper function works on Xiaomi, which became available with MIUI version 12.

Below there are various games for leisure, a list of Mi fan club meetings and other opportunities, such as regulations and feedback. The regulations contain upcoming announcements, company rules and other interesting things from users.


Another interesting window is subscriptions. There are authors who regularly write interesting articles, reviews, reviews and announcements about smartphones from Xiaomi, and in order to always receive useful and relevant information, you can subscribe to these authors. Now, when a person releases new content, it will show up in your subscriptions. In this tab, you can adjust all subscriptions, unsubscribe from old authors and search for new ones based on recommendations.

Me tab

The developers have come up with an interesting game during which you need to complete simple and not so tasks. The prize will be points that increase the rating of the account. Thus, for being active and following the instructions, you can become a respected user in the community.

The list of all tasks is present in the “Me” tab. It also contains private messages from other network members. In order to start a dialogue, you need to click on “Send message” in the person’s profile. When you receive a message, you will be notified about this by a special push notification or in the program itself.

Me is a list of the bookmarks, topics and answers you have created that you can easily sort, delete, and modify there.

We advise you to visit the Mi community settings, as they have a lot of interesting things. Disable push so that you are not disturbed by annoying notifications, leave customer feedback, clear the cache or change the region – all this is in the settings in the “Me” tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

How and where can I download it?

By default, Mi Community is available on most Xiaomi smartphones. If the service is not available for one reason or another, and there is a need for this functionality, then you can download it for free from the Google Play store using this link. You can also go through manual installation by downloading the apk installation file on the Internet.

Can I delete?

Yes, this is done in a standard way. The program can be removed as easily as any other non-system applications. This operation will absolutely not harm your smartphone.