Xiaomi Mi 5x Overview And Characteristics Of The Smartphone

The new smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5X, long announced by Chinese developers, appeared on sale, which immediately attracted the attention of lovers of stylish and bright enough gadgets. The hardware component of the phone does not claim to be the best of its kind, but, nevertheless, the model stands out with a powerful camera, as well as a practical and pleasant design, somewhat reminiscent of another development from Apple. And most importantly, the smartphone is affordable, because it is inexpensive. To understand all its advantages and appreciate it, you should familiarize yourself with its characteristics.

Xiaomi Mi 5X specifications

Operating system version Android 7.1
Number of SIM-cards 2 alternating
The weight 165 gram
Diagonal 5.5 inch
Main camera 12 MP + the presence of the possibility of a dual camera, which is also 12 MP
Front-camera 5 megapixels
Support Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2, USB
Chipset 8-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 625
Built-in memory 64GB + expandable up to 128GB
Battery 3080 mAh
Dimensions (edit) 75.8 x 155.4 x 7.3 mm

Model Mi 5x

Mi 5X Bundle and What’s Included

The package bundle of the Xiaomi Mi 5X kit is standard and does not stand out for anything unusual. A practical, white box with the company logo holds the smartphone itself in the upper section, and all the gadgets and manuals adjacent to it in the lower section.

The kit includes:

  • USB Type-C cable.
  • Power adapter.
  • Instructions for using the phone.
  • Branded headset in white.



From the front, the gadget is difficult to distinguish from any device on the market in the Redmi lineup. At the same time, its forms are smoothed out and do not stand out with sharp features, which resembles recent developments from Vivo, but this is explained by the fact that initially Xiaomi was created precisely as a competitor to this manufacturer. The body of the smartphone is almost entirely made of metal, and only in some places is there plastic.

smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5X

The rounded shape at the edges allows you to comfortably wield the gadget, even taking into account its thinness – only 7.3 millimeters.

The device is available in three color variations – black, white and pink. The back surface, apart from the two cameras and the logo, is equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

Color variations

On one side of the Mi 5X, there are volume down and volume up keys, and on the other, one large slot for two SIM cards at once. Hybrid, it also accommodates one SIM and one SD card. The headset and USB ports are on the bottom.

volume down and up keys

Slots for SIM card and memory card


Thanks to the powerful graphics accelerator Adreno 506 with a frequency of 650 MHz, the user gets a bright and colorful image.

The screen resolution is quite high – 1920 x 1080 pixels, which does not allow even the most demanding and discerning buyers to find grain.


The smartphone, unfortunately, does not have an air gap, but it has a double glass with which the user contacts. It has an oleophobic coating. Adjustable brightness allows you to maximize it up to 600 nits.

The technical side of the gadget

The Snapdragon 625 processor is responsible for speed, performance and power consumption, which, although it is a budget option, still remains a powerful and competitive chipset. It is focused more on economical power consumption, but the Xiaomi Mi 5X smartphone handles games easily. Only the most demanding ones can cause problems, but they can be easily avoided, for example, by lowering the graphic settings.

The processor has 4 GB of RAM at its disposal, but for smartphones of this level and price category, these are no longer surprising numbers. The built-in 64 GB are more remarkable, as well as the ability to add another 128 GB at the expense of the memory card.

Operating system

The Mi 5X is powered by the new MIUI 9, making it the first smartphone to take advantage of the latest improvements from the manufacturer. Base Android 7.1, in addition to standard applications, has several new ones – Smart Assistant and Smart app launcher.


The first successfully helps to navigate all the information entered into the smartphone, because it is responsible for quickly searching for bookmarks, notes, as well as dates in the calendar. The second opens the application, focusing on the image on the screen.

According to Xiaomi’s creators, the device has been improved in terms of animation and detailing of shortcuts for various applications, and most importantly, it optimally allocates the resources used, showing a high level of performance.

Gadget Cameras

The creators of the device paid great attention to equipping their brainchild with cameras, and in this regard, the Mi 5X has a double module 12 + 12 MP.

Rear camera

The second camera is an additional lens that doubles the quality of photos and videos. This technology also allows you to work more deeply with colors and create the effect of a blurred background.

However, often compared to the Mi6 in terms of camera performance, the Mi 5X still loses a bit. It is inferior in night shooting due to the aperture, which is only f / 2.2, and also the chipset plays a big role, which is weaker and therefore the photo processing is a little slower. But because of this, it is definitely impossible to call the cameras built into the smartphone weak, because the device surpasses many of its leading competitors precisely because of them.

Camera capabilities

Price of Xiaomi

The cost of a smartphone is fully consistent with its parameters, design and capabilities.

Within Russia, it starts with an amount of 16,000 rubles and more, taking into account the standard configuration, without additional functions and accessories. All Xiaomi Mi 5 are within the framework of this pricing policy. For example, Prime, which is only inferior in diagonal (5.15 inches) and other less important features, costs about 15,500 rubles.

As for the cost in Ukraine, it will be possible to purchase it for an average of 8000 UAH.

The base price abroad ranges from $ 210 to $ 230 per smartphone.

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