What Is Poco Launcher, How To Use, Disable Or Uninstall?

Poco Launcher is a multifunctional desktop model designed for Android mobile phones and tablets. You can download this free application from the Google Play Market. Below are the main advantages and features of the work.

Characteristics of the program

Unlike the desktop and the main menu of the MIUI shell on Xiaomi, Redmi smartphones, Poco Launcher is endowed with some additional useful functions, for example, the ability to sort applications. There is an additional widget on the screen, in which you can classify programs into standard categories – “Photo”, “Communication”, “Entertainment”, “Key tools”, “Shopping”, “Games”. In addition, the user can create his own category with any name.

The side menu allows you to leave only essential programs on the desktop, hiding other icons in the available widget.

Available on the home screen:

  • search for programs from the general list;
  • convenient sorting by category and type;
  • custom icons that are either offered by the system or are selected by the user independently;
  • widget for hiding running applications and windows.

Poco Launcher not only makes it easier to navigate the main menu, but also keeps screens fast and smooth.

The main features of the launcher

The launcher was released in 2018 and during its existence managed to enter the TOP-15 best Google Play programs for phones based on the Android operating system. Among the main features in appearance and functionality, users distinguish:

  • minimalistic design, which was achieved thanks to the introduction of a hidden and side menu;
  • dark (night) theme, which not only saves battery consumption, but also reduces the level of exposure of the screen to the eyes at night;
  • convenient personalization, due to which you can install your own themes and create custom icons, as well as change their size, color and grouping;
  • quick search for applications by various criteria, starting with the name or capital letter and ending with the color or size of the icon;
  • folder with “important”, which is configured by automatic or manual grouping of programs;
  • no slow system animations or lengthy transitions – Poco Launcher works quickly and smoothly;
  • quick lock by double-tapping the screen;
  • compatible with Android 8 and Android Q.

Installation and activation

Poco Launcher в Google Play

In order to install the application, you need to find it in the Play Market or download the apk file from any reliable site. Below is a direct link to the launcher page in the store:

After the application is installed, it must be activated. To do this, you need to go to “Settings”, find the launcher icon and select the option “Make POCO Launcher your default desktop”.

What can be customized

In the settings, you can change the set of icons, edit the sorting of programs, hide this or that application and many other features.

Basic settings

In the launcher, you can change the basic settings. For example, a function of grouping icons of the same color into a specific folder or an additional screen is available.

To configure this parameter, you must:

  1. Call the launcher menu by holding down an empty area on the screen.
  2. Open item “Settings” and press “Yet”.
  3. In the window that appears, select “Group icons by color”.

Quick settings menu

It is important to understand here that not all applications support this feature.

To activate the quick settings menu, do the following:

  1. Hold down any icon and wait for the offer to activate the option.
  2. Select the item you need from the menu that appears. In our example, the actions have been done with the “Camera” system application, which allows you to add the “Capture video” or “Take a selfie” function to quick access.

If you hold your finger on one or another application to create a quick menu and move its available option to the main screen, then the quick access will look like a regular application icon.

Hidden Apps

Poco Launcher can hide apps by sending them to an additional screen in Incognito mode.

To use this function, you need to do the following:

  1. Call the launcher menu by holding an empty area on the screen.
  2. Select item “Settings” and activate the option “Hide icons”.
  3. Next, you need to come up with a password and register a fingerprint – this is necessary for the security of personal data.
  4. In the highlighted application menu, swipe twice from the center of the display to the upper right corner.
  5. Log in to the hidden screen with a password or fingerprint, and then select the applications you want to hide.

How to disable or completely remove the launcher

You can disable Poco Launcher through the settings:

  1. Open up “Settings” phone.
  2. In the list “All programs” find the system launcher (it is highlighted with an orange house icon).
  3. The launcher page has three buttons at the bottom of the screen. Action required «Clear Updates», in order to remove updates and temporarily disable the application. If you want to delete the launcher permanently, then click the same «Clear Data» – all data and available updates will disappear.
  4. Restart your phone, after which the system will return the basic launcher that was originally installed on the device.


Summing up, I would like to note that the launcher surpasses the classic working screen of the proprietary MIUI shell from the manufacturer Xiaomi. The user is given the opportunity to show personal creativity and customize the desktop to suit their preferences using a number of features that are not available in the functionality of the standard launcher.