School Days Mod Apk Download For Android (all Unlocked)

School Days Mod Apk A life simulation game with fun and humorous content awaits a glimpse of players who play out their unique roles within a secluded environment. The impressive thing about the player’s world is that all students are prisoners.

Arizona state is adopting a new system for prisons and convicts. This makes it more dangerous for one inmate each day because each unexpected game can bring unexpected joy.

Mickey’s flagship program, School Days Mod Apk, is available to download to your smartphone. It allows you to visit a secondary school, where you can participate in the discussion class, compete with other cast members, and participate in extracurricular activities. You can select customizations for your characters, such as hair color and style, skin tones, and apparel, to create the image you’re most satisfied with.

School Days Mod Apk

There are plenty of exciting things to do to make it great. An instance is the variety of freedoms you get and the characters’ development based on your choices. The exciting experience is like being in an unexpected school and getting to fame.

A wide selection of social activities is built into the school routine, such as going to classes, studying books, going to recreation center classes, and that is just one of the essential points. You can arbitrarily attack individuals, run, bounce, and insult by means of a ground-rule framework.

Numerous uncommitted understudies imagine that going to class lapses all the pleasure of their leisure. They frequently think that school is a jail for them because they need to put all their energy into paying attention to educators.

A few understudies become a part of their job life that are understudies. Oftentimes, this transpires for a certain bulk of understudies in their daily lives. School hours mod comes to life in Germany suggesting an intriguing encounter. You don’t ever feel tired.

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School Days Mod Apk Features

Live In A Real-time Simulation

The very first component of School Days is that everything takes place in real-time, and the players must all make the most out of their moment at school. Based on how they decide to use that time, they can accomplish a lot of growth or carry out a lot of amazing scenes in the classroom. They must fulfill all the basic criteria, such as sleeping, eating, studying, and numerous other aspects, like a student, in addition to being nearly perfect.

Become The Most Notorious Student

The surrounding environment and concept of the game make the player’s goals constantly change, as they strive to become one of the most distinguished players in their school. However, they must complete many tasks, interactions, assignments, and other things normally found within a school. Based on their accomplishments over time, their advancement and popularity spread and opens up hidden content in the gameplay.

Expansive Interactive World

Everything around the players in the TV show School Days is highly interactive for them to investigate or plan many things. Each of the items or qualities created by the player also has a special purpose that is going to use for their original role, inspiring creativity and raising amusement. Growing the excitement, the fun does not stop there, with the comfortable embodiment of a wide range of tools.

Bully Or Being Bullied

Prisoners and students alike are expected to be in jail attire, leading many players to combat inside and outside the high school. Thus, according to that, adult males are required to build up their reputation, bully or be a bully, as well as to enhance their fighting or athletic skills. Based on their advancement, players can also rework their defense abilities and become accustomed to a new physical environment.

Develop Relationship Or Friendship

If they want to get this far, they must form relationships or make friends in this school. Therefore, School Days boasts a rich interaction between every character, and players may utilize more knowledge or construct friendships. In the future, when players get into fights with each other, their good friends will appear, and they quickly escalate to huge fights with each other.


The players may choose to wander around campus and check out the classrooms they find pleasant. They can use various parts of the school to their advantage, possibly even searching for materials they may use to craft or finding weapons to inflict hurt to foes with. As the player walks around the school building, the game will be opened up more until it is full of fun and interesting surprises.

School Days is a simulation game about prison life that will let players encounter a lot of depth and nuance, allowing them to creatively construct the reputation and dignity of a prisoner. Their in-game improvement will provide great ideas for creating a criminal life.