Shadow Battle 2.2 Mod Apk Download For Android (unlimited Money)

Shadow Battle 2.2 Mod APK v2.2.56 All Characters Unlocked and Unlimited Money, Shadow Battle 2.2 is one of the games that will save the world from dark forces.

Shadow Battle 2.2 MOD APK Mod APK is a famous action android game that has a large fan base. The game is particularly impressive because of its innovative animation. Only you, the lead player, can gather and develop a powerful cast of characters before facing off against an aggressive force worthy of defending the world against. The strength of the Dark Force has substantively altered our universe and our species, and all the pieces have been affected. Inside the magical cube called the Cube, the most powerful characters have entrapped their souls.

Shadow Battle 2.2 Mod Apk

Only the Commander, named Tatlin, can liberate the heroes who have been imprisoned, take command, and resolve the SHADOW to restore peace to the Universe.

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The danger has arrived; the impacts of darkness have encompassed the globe, and the heroes are facing the darkness fairly; only you might be able to save all mankind. Shadow Battle 2.2 Mod Apkwelcomes all heroes to participate in this bloody struggle to restore peace to the whole universe by removing the forces of darkness and allowing life to return to normal once again.

Gather equipment and meet with tourists in order to enjoy thrilling combats and fascinating celestial exploration experiences. This software is downloadable for Android 5.1. On ApkDownloadHunt or on the Play Store, you can download the Android version. APKs and XAPKs files are nicely safe and cleanly installed.

The majority of youngsters today, most of the children play all sorts of games, such as action games, games of laughter, and fights. Shadow Battle 2.2 Mod Apk will bring players the most fascinating and memorable times and experiences; that no other game is capable of matching. For years this game has been known throughout the world; it has had a large number of players since its inception until now.

The game lets gamers feel great when they begin the game full of activity and plenty of opportunities. Thrilling and remarkable sights are waiting to be experienced. Let us begin to learn about the game straight away.

Shadow Battle 2.2 Mod Apk Screenshots


Game Story Attractive

Shadow Battle welcomes you to the battle game world of shadow action. Players will find incredibly exciting and imaginative battle gameplay here, with great options for work, and numerous fight subjects to be sure players will always find something to do. Have fun in your personal battles. The narrative of the game is wonderful, and it is appealing to all gamers. The numerous powerful heroes who entered this world had become a sea of shadows, releasing a state of universal destruction. Subsequently, an array of heroes, stationary in the Cube, were sealed inside the dark spirits to give rise to a show called Cube. Therefore, you are the sole leader and the unit’s only hope of ridding them. The crucial order in this game is to conquer the shadows so that the captive heroes can be set free.

Fighting Planning

After an unexpected conflict, the gamers will soon be facing off with one another for a great cause. Plan well with your gizmos and weapons, then defeat your adversaries on all levels. Keep on using your most beneficial methods to destroy those opponents, and watch how they lose so quickly. That allowed the fight to obtain an easier lead. Use and understand the ability you have for fighting alone, act quickly, and attempt to preempt any strategy by the challenger. Remember that each stage of fighting is potentially dangerous. And do not forget to upgrade the weapons used in your character to enhance the intensity of the conflict.

Multiplayer Features

The game is downloadable and has several activities in all possible genres. It holds several heroes in a vast range of categories to select from. After completing every mission, you’re awarded different heroes and images. In addition, you have the ability to play the hero how you like. Gather, collect all the most effective heroes together, and you will be the marshal and guide them into the fight with the forces that endanger the planet. Not only that, when participating in battles, players will receive rewards such as gold, and sword emblem, and be able to progress toward becoming a commander. The emblems are precious, such as the diamond sword hero.

Background, Fresh Color

Shadow Battle 2.2 Mod Apk is a game where the computer game manufacturer puts a large emphasis on detail and vibrant colors to fulfill the big investment they made in graphics. Every color in the game represents various objects, details, and other images. The game comes with a system of vibrant, clear 3D graphics and interfaces. The background is a strong, current, clear music picture. In every single fight that takes place, the player feels encouraged, and enthusiastic, giving gamers the identical sensation as in cinema on the small screen.


Shadow Battle 2.2 (Physical) is an online adaptation of the Shadow Battle video game mod apk, where you can find the new version of Shadow Battle 2.2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022. Downloading and playing this game mod apk is free, and it does not require root. Shadow Battle 2.2 MOD APK ( unlimited money) APK OBB 2022 can be downloaded and installed on your Android device with android 4.1 or higher. Download this mod apk by going to your favorite browser and clicking the download button. net is faster and easier than any other website.