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The You Testament Mod APK All the audio applications on this list square measure for personal use merely: If any application book seller lates your patent, please contact a North American country. The You Testament All kinds of this app are obtainable with us: 0.09, 0.091, 0.081. You can choose to explicitly transfer on the front of the APK of The You Testament.

An enlightening interactive unveiling of the relevant Gospels, rendering you able to either reenact the biblical narrative or rewrite it. Follow in the footsteps of the handily inspired traveler and examine with him thirty historic spots, devoting all of them to non-religious issues.

Through the course of the online game, you could come up at home with literally 200 different characters of the game, each having its own unique authority and target. During this online game, it is necessary to bypass the mystery of light versus darker and not succumb to the temptation of the devil and forgive the treachery of the pupil.

The You Testament Mod Apk

Discover the secrets behind creation costs to those 24 completely different powers which will enable you to address your religious beliefs in your everyday exercises, and be open to all possible approaches.

As many as a million gamers have downloaded the adventure game You Testament internationally. With more than fifty Bible-related stories, the game has a vast collection of gameplay that begins at the time of the early Gospels.

You have the capability to influence or reexamine the past in your storytelling process. With many personalities, each of whom has an exceptional backstory, you learn about human history and figures.

Lucifer works hard to tempt you to engage in illicit activities and wander away from the path toward the light. We have provided all of Earth open for your adventure, but you will find that every level will prove a test for your spiritual convictions. Your faith in your powers of good and evil will be tested by each of the 24 possible forces you are capable of interacting with.

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The You Testament Mod Apk Features

Fifty Biblical Tales

The You Testament MOD APK includes more than fifty Bible stories, and it is possible to locate and set the narratives by yourself. In addition, you can modify and edit this life message into something else. This contains more than thirty historical sites and a variety of people that have participated in the history of faith.

It contains a number of scenes that were taken from the Bible and the life of Christ. Every step will present new challenges and test your trust.

Over 200 Characters

Over 200 biblical figures will appear in your initiation hall. The exact same action displaying happens for all, however, the catch is that you’ll have the option to control twenty-five godly and evil personas. In “The You Testament”, you can create a new character with your own narrative to modify the course of the action.

You will be inclined to contemplate committing crimes thanks to Lucifer’s presence. Have unwavering self-assurance in your ability to ward off these inclinations. You will have great access to boundless energy for this purpose.

Fantastic Controls

The You Testament Mod Apk offers a rich assortment of game management options. To learn more about the video game, including the most efficient way to acquire skills and powers, utilize the control keys in the bottom-left corner. You can also scroll down, up, down, and right to view character information.

Recognizable Controls For Mickie Games

Like other MDickie games, the You Testament uses the same movement controls. An onscreen control pad for character movement is located on the left side of the screen, while action buttons for attacking, seizing opponents, picking up weapons, blocking attacks, etc. are positioned on the right.

Every Decision Starts A New Story

You can live out all the various roles played by another player in The You Testament, and your imagination chooses how each one goes. You could also clandestinely attack someone on the street, which could ultimately lead to an arrest, legal proceedings, and a death match in the coliseum. This page was last edited and turning into a responsible citizen is just one of your options. It all depends on you!


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