Xender Mod Apk Download For Android (unlocked/ad Free)

The Xender MOD APK is the top resource for file transferring. With quick flash speeds, you can transfer your files to different devices. Download it to share with your friends now so they can begin transferring their files.

The Xender MOD APK file is the best Android-native file transfer tool. One tap to share files indefinitely at the highest speed to another device. Easier to transfer the files to other phones. Share sound, videos, images, files, and any format as mutable. No need for an internet connection to transfer the files. By simply clicking to share all the files without using an internet connection.

Xender Mod Apk

The application did not utilize the data pack in the course of the file transfer. It’s no longer in the cloud, so absolutely no data packs were needed. From the input accelerator, with Bluetooth, they were able to exchange files. It’s changed, now at up to 200X the data transfer rate compared to Bluetooth.

The Xender file-sharing team developed an open-source application called Xender MOD APK. Use your device’s Wi-Fi transfer speed to determine file transfer speed. Commonly, any device transfers files at a maximum speed of 40 Mbps. Currently, the application interface supports a variety of devices. Use this application to share any files with any available platforms.

Windows, Mac, iOS, Tizen, and Android platforms currently support this application. No more need to connect a cable to transfer; it’s wireless only in the application. There are more than 100 million people using this application on Android. There are more than 200 million files that can be transferred each day.

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Xender Mod Apk Features

Flash Speed Transfer

It is important to know that for transferring one file, it is necessary to have super fast speed. Xender MOD APK supports high-speed transfer for its users. Each user can share their files as quickly as possible with lightning speed. If the video or file has more minor, it will be shared within a second. Most of the devices achieve up to 40mbps speed.

Connection-based and speed between senders and receivers mainly determine the total transfer rate. The notification bar display will inform you that you are connected to the network. The item Transfer Details is a line bar in regards to the transferred data. Check the top of the window to understand the transfer details.

Send Large Files

After the file transfer in Xender MOD APK, you can share files with as many people as possible with no limitation. This application is your solution when choosing between Bluetooth and other methods to share files with a limited number of users. This application lets you share files of any size with no size restrictions.

At least another application requires root devices to share larger files. But that application does not offer limited features and restrictions. You can share any file size with other devices without encountering obstacles. No root is required during the file transfer. Before transferring the file, the application examines the receiver device storage.

Share Any Format Files

Some of the applications allow for transferring files to a different device using limited file formats. in the application Xender MOD, you can transfer files of different formats to others. There are no restrictions on the transfer of files for the formats of documents, music, image, and many more. In addition to videos, games, apps, and other programs, you can transfer the data.

The limitation has additionally not been followed throughout any form of documents. The application supports multiple formats, and some formats are open in the program. The integrated video player was also available in the application. Also, the music player has been integrated. Before sharing the audio and video files, it is possible to view them with integrated tools.

Convert Mp3

The ender MOD APK tool features an MP3 covert feature that allows encrypted audio files to be converted to MP3 files without having to use any additional apps. The app can convert the MV file with a single click. The audio files are converted into MP3 files much more quickly by simply utilizing the MOD APK file.

Most devices do not support MV files. Use this application to convert MV files to MP3 format. After the conversion is complete, it will support any MP3 player, including the Xender music player. Switch the virtual voice recorder on the ringtones and modify any ringtones from the device. The battery will not drain during the conversion effect.

Social Platform Video Downloader

Xender MOD allows you to download Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp videos. After the permissions request has been approved, the application will check the user’s Whatsapp status. You may save it in the application, or you can publish it on various social media sites. The Xender MOD application is designed to preserve the quality of your video throughout its installation.

HD image quality status is displayed when the application starts. In addition, download the Facebook and Instagram videos for free by clicking on the link (Xender) and it will be imported from the URL. The application is at present capable of downloading the two video platforms. Presumably, it will support many platforms in the coming days.

Smartphone Replication

If the user purchases a new device, the user is required to transfer all data from the previous phone. The majority of the widespread applications can be printed documents, videos, images, zip files, third-party games, and the applications available only. But Xender MOD APK shares contacts, call history, emails, logs, music, videos, and much more. It is thus helpful in any crucial circumstance, radiating the thorough steps to acquire it.


We discussed everything about Xender MOD APK when it comes to details. This is another terrific application for people who like to share files with others. It will help cut back on your online store and help you receive and download files at the push of a button. The only thing you’ll need is a wifi connection and a hotspot connection to send and receive data.

The file sharing program shared up to 40 megabits per second. From the earlier variant, it might ask that you review a couple of advertisements. You might also require the premium version for remove advertisements. Use our MOD variant to unlock a cost-free premium edition.