Youtube Blue Mod Apk Download (premium Unlocked)

Download Youtube Blue Mod Apk Premium with No Ads and No Video Ads with Background Play Enabled and Download to Storage Enabled.

The video platform for the most popular websites in the world is now available on your mobile phone. Now, Android users have the opportunity to make use of a convenient and functional device from the world’s biggest social media network for an extremely user-friendly experience to view and share videos.

Feel free to explore different videos from different genres, such as gaming, fashion, beauty, and learning, as well as many others, all of which offer their own unique elements of entertainment and education to keep you engaged.

Browse through all your chosen watch lists and select all the videos that satisfy your standards. You may search for a particular video title using YouTube’s powerful search options. The user-friendly app will allow you to enjoy your preferred online content anytime and anywhere.

Youtube Mod Apk

Participate fully in the exciting application of Youtube Blue Mod Apk, where you can fully work with its fully-featured video-streaming platform that features billions of videos uploaded by professional and amateur content creators worldwide. With different content from a variety of themes and genres, you can find what you want to watch and enjoy on your mobile effortlessly. And best of all, the entire mobile app will be free for Android users to use without difficulty.

Feel free to watch any videos you want and subscribe to your favorite content creators to personalize your watch list. Have fun discovering new topics, watch lists, and other kinds of content that will enhance your immersion in the whole experience.

Have fun connecting with the awesome Youtube Blue Mod Apk community where you can watch and interact with other YouTube viewers all over the world. Almost all of you such as watching YouTube videos and you’ve got YouTube placed as a default application on your cellular phone. It is an application by Google and is a system of video watching and sharing.

Everyone at some point has seen commercials at the beginning of a YouTube video and advertisements can be included in videos from time to time. It’s built-in with an ad blocker that features a black theme and much more. This particular is just one of the countless features YouTube Blue has. Why install YouTube unless it is equipped with these extra features?

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Youtube Blue Mod Apk Features

In addition to its features, the YouTube version of this app has the exact same functions as the official version, but with added characteristics too. It provides video watching, sharing of videos, and downloading of videos, along with basic capabilities. In this paper, we have listed a few of the features of YouTube blue.


It has a built-in ad-blocker and will not permit the user to experience the pop-up ads component of the video.


YouTube will keep playing videos in the background while you look for other things Outside YouTube. This feature is also obtainable in the premium version.

HDR Mode

In this version of YouTube, a high Dynamic Range is offered for videos. If you want to see high-quality moving images, then this version is recommended. With this HDR mode, you can see video images really clearly.

Zoom In

You can zoom in and out on an Android device running YouTube Blue’s application simply by pinching in and out on the screen.


You can select the minimum or maximum value of resolution. It’s up to you which resolution you select based on personal preference.


Everyone wants to make a color change on any social media platform they liked. YouTube beats the official social media site in this category. But YouTube provides a feature that lets you switch between primary colors. These include red, pink, and black.

Window Style

If you select the window style option, you are minimizing the screen size when browsing to another video or if you would like to find something on the web without having to close the video that is currently being played, then you can do so.

Repeat Videos

If you’d like the movie you’re watching to be repeated, you have the choice to select it from the setting. There are four ways you can easily go through the music cues that you want to listen to loop. You can select that option from your YouTube settings.

Download Videos

You can watch the videos separately for offline use or download them to your device for later offline watching. You should download it again after 2 to 3 days after it has been synced and then ensure it provides a stable internet connection.


Based on your preferences, the program will offer you YouTube video clips only. Because every YouTube has the same algorithm regardless of whether it’s the official one or its hacked version, it will bring you the videos you want only.

Watch Later

To add videos to the watch later list that you’d like to watch but want to take immediate action on, you can add those videos to the list. The videos that you added to your watch later list will be available online mode only.

Paused History

It is possible to pause your YouTube history in YouTube Blue. This means that YouTube will not track your previous history. Nevertheless, there is a noteworthy advantage of pausing this setting as YouTube will not offer you the shows according to your search history and watch history.


Just like it is known for displaying the features of YouTube, YouTube Blue is additionally home to a component of the application. In addition, there are its advertising revenue blocking features, which make it prior when compared to the official YouTube. This is a lightweight application and it will not slow your phone down considerably. Bear in mind, if the youtube video on the blue background is not functioning you must load the web pages using the YouTube app in the pink and red color schemes.